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how to lay out a garden?

how to lay out a garden?
Posted by Richard DeVore from W.Va. on 2002-02-09 11:00:26

This may seem very basic to most but I'm a first year gardener. Because last years try was not successful to say the least. How do you lay out a garden?
I have a very good place,soil is good ect.I just do not know how to plan and plant so things have room to grow and I have room to work.
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    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-02-10 06:43:09

    Not really a basic question at all and one even us oldtimers should revisit on occassion to find out why that plant isn't doing well where its at.
    But it depends on what you are going to grow, whether the garden is oriented north/south or east/west, the sun exposure is morning, afternoon, or all day, whether you are gardening in the "Square Foot" style or the old fashioned long row style.
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      Posted by Richard DeVore from wv on 2002-02-10 09:40:05

      Thank you for the reply
      It recieves the sun pretty much all day. I'm intersted in trying to grow ,green beans,tomatoes,brussel sprouts,potatoes,and onions.The previous owners had a wonderful garden and I would like to try and do the same.
      I've kept the soil tilled and added the compost that was left,plus lime. Was told it needed lime from te last owner.
      Any help would be great
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        Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-02-11 08:07:57

        First have a soil test done to find out if and then how much lime needs to be applied since this alters the soil pH which has an affect on plant nutrient availability. For most all veggies a soil pH in the 6.0 to 6.8 range is optimal, above or below that and nutrients can be "locked up" or unavailable to the plants.
        You might want to look into Mel Bartholomew's book "Square Foot Gardening" for plant spacing and location advice. Keep in mind that Brussels Sprouts can go in earlier or later than Tomatoes and need a bit different growing conditions. Spacing also depends on if say you allow the tomatoes to sprawl or if you trellis them.


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