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Lima Beans

Lima Beans
Posted by Nancy Cohen ( from NJ on 2002-02-10 16:10:04

My son brought home a lima bean project from school. It is growing large quickly. Does anyone know what a lima bean plant looks like? Will this plant produce beans. (The plant was start from the bean)
It's outgrowing the stryofoam cup. How do I transplant? What does it need to flourish?

Please help?

  • Lima Bean
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-02-15 07:29:25

    This will look like most every other bean plant. but its growing pattern will depend on whether its a bush type or vine type. For now, since even in New Jersey, its too early to put this outside, I'd get a bigger pot to replant it in, probably something around a 4 inch would do for now. Put some potting soil in the bottom of that pot, enough so the root ball of the plant sits just below the pot rim and then fill in around that root ball, packing the potting soil in so there would be no air pockets, and then water.


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