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My Grass

My Grass
Posted by Jose ( from TX on 2002-02-18 01:06:43

I dont know much about lawn care... i've never seeded or fertilized or done anything to my lawn. I have weeds everywhere, of all kinds. I can honestly say about half of my lawn is weeds. I purchased some weed-b-gon, so that should do the trick for the weeds.but also, my grass is half dead, how do i make it grow back fuller?
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    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-02-18 07:38:39

    Start with the soil. Even the grasses that you would grow in Texas will benefit greatly from a soil that is well endowed with organic matter. Spend this summer preparing your soil and then seed, sod, or hydroseed in early fall when that new turf will have cooler and, generally, moister growing conditions. Most of your "weeds" will also have finsihed growing for the year and be less competition for the grasses that you want to grow.


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