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Any suggestions to hide a neighbor's RV?

Any suggestions to hide a neighbor's RV?
Posted by Jennifer from SD/4 on 2001-04-08 19:44:54

Help! Our neighbor is planning to park his 30 ft RV on our property line. We would like to plant tall, dense shrubs or trees on our property to hide the RV from view. Any ideas about what hardy tree or shrub would grow very tall, very quickly in our Rapid City, SD, zone 4 climate?
  • Try local nursery
    Posted by John from Ca / 10 on 2001-04-11 09:35:20

    I would suggest that you check with your local nursery. They would be familiar with the types of things that will grow well in your area. You might need to try more than one to find something thatis appealing to you.


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