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Lawns, top soil or sand

Lawns, top soil or sand
Posted by DAvid ( from Florida on 2002-03-02 18:33:46

When I was a kid my dad would order a few yards of sand and he & I would spread it. He said it was to thicken the lawn and fill the holes and ruts.

Forty years later I have a floratam (sp?) lawn and quite a few ruts from the lawnmower, and because it was not put down on leveled ground. What should I spread, top soil or sand? I want that smooth, thick and level appearance for my lawn, like my dad's.
  • Revamping a lawn
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-03-04 07:24:24

    What is your base soil? If its sand adding more sand probably isn't a good idea and dumping a bunch of "topsoil" if thick enough could kill the growing crowns of the grass resulting in even more problems. What caused the "ruts" from your lawnmower? I've been mowing my own lawns since 1963 and did others for many years before that and never had a mower heavy enough to leave ruts. Cars, loaders, and other construction equipment did but not a mower.
    The best way to "level" sod is to cut it and place some soil under the sod to bring the level up to grade being careful to be sure you don't change the overall grade so water would flow toward your house rather than away. If that isn't feasible a complete regrade of the yard may be your only other option.
    • Revamping a Lawn
      Posted by Diane from Costa Rica on 2008-06-22 11:12:00

      I have the same problem as David. Our lawn is so unlevel & seems like there isn't enough soil, the new springs lay on the surface. My dad too believes in sand, I thought top soil would be better. With 3/4 acres it is very hard to take the sod up & level it with soil. We have pipes under the sod for irragation for the rainy season, so no problems with flooding. Any new suggestions you may think of?



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