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watering container plants

watering container plants
Posted by dirt Mom in CA from CAlif on 2002-03-07 09:57:55

any help on growing veggies in containers greatly appreciated... we leave for vacation in June and will be gone 3 weeks, Older daughter 20 will (hopefully) water plants and remember to feed dogs.....

this weekend my dd, age 10 , and I planted tomatoes, basil, parsley, and sunflowers... I bought her those compressed seed pots, that spring to life when you add water...
Any Ideas on how to keep watering easy for 20 yr old would be greatly appreciated....

We usually come back from vacation to withered plants and only a handful of great tomatoes, the store bought ones are awful..... thanks

  • Watering Container Plants
    Posted by Shirley from OH/5 on 2002-03-25 13:04:08

    I have a few suggestions. I don't know how big your containers are but you can always double pot them, if possible. Just sit the one pot that has plants in it inside a plastic pot to help keep it from drying out. This works well if you use clay pots too.
    Next, I'd hook up a sprinkler and just have the plant sitter turn it on, set a timer and when the timer goes off, turn off the sprinkler.
    And.....I would mulch the top of the containers to help the soil retain what moisture it does get.
    Good luck and have fun on your vacation.


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