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Posted by Kris Moore from slc ,UT on 2002-03-21 16:56:25

Our back yard is rather long and narrow. three years ago we bought a gorgeous, tall, wooden fence that encircles the whole yard. The problem seems to be attracting hornets! they build their MANY hidden nests in between the slats! As a result, my 3 children dont like playing in the backyard by about mid-summer, because they have all had at least one painful sting by that time each year. I really want to plant some trees this year to provide shade....are there any flowers or trees that bees avoid??? Does anyone know of a good way to get rid of the hornets other than traps, or over the counter sprays? Thanks!! Kris


  • Maybe this is an idea.
    Posted by Shelley ( from TX on 2002-04-09 16:32:04

    I have always heard that Marigolds help prevent unwanted insects because of a smell they produce. As far as trees go, choose one that does not have a flowerly bud...Magnolia's and fruit trees will attract all sorts of bees.

    You may try a hardware store for some kind of insect repellent that you could use on the fence. Spraying in the evening usually prevents swarming.


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