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Not a worm in sight

Not a worm in sight
Posted by Selena from NJ - Zone 6 on 2001-04-10 12:07:32

Hello all,
I know this may sound peculiar, but here goes. I know that earthworms are great for your soil. And I know that usually after it rains, I use to see them all over the sidewalk, especially after a heavy rain. Now since I've moved and have endured HEAVY rain for several months know and have been conditioning my soil for a month or so, I haven't seen one-single-solitary worm and it POURED last night for at least 2 hours. Just wondering if 1) it's because my new soil is clay, and worms don't like clay 2) could the crows be snatching them up so fast I can't see them or 3)during the development of my property the builder killed them all off.

How can I get them back? Should I go to a bait and tackle shop and buy some? What to do, what to do??
  • Earthworms
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2001-04-12 08:45:43

    The worms bait shops sell are a different species than those that normally occupy your soil. No worms to be seen may indicate that your soil is very low in organic matter which is what the earthworms live on, no organic matter, no worms, low levels few worms. Add compost and organic mulches to your soils and the earthworms will regenerate and repopulate your soil.
    • garden worms
      Posted by arlene from British Columbi on 2005-05-17 10:59:00

      How do you get rid of to many worms in your garden.
      • Worms
        Posted by Mark from Maine/5a on 2006-04-28 12:22:00

        You can't really have too many worms in your garden.


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