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grape tomatoes

grape tomatoes
Posted by jasmine from 6 on 2001-03-20 13:53:59

What are those "grape tomato" varieties
I have been seeing on the seed
catalogues? Why all the hype? Are they
sweeter than cherry tomatoes? Has anyone
tried it yet?
  • My experience w/grape tomatoes
    Posted by Heidi from Virginia on 2001-03-20 13:55:12

    Jasmine- I tried the "Christmas Grape"
    variety by Burpee last year. In the
    grocery store-bought tomatoes I have
    tried, grapes tend to be firmer-fleshed
    and much sweeter than the cherries. I
    personally don't like the cherries, but
    I'll tear up some grape tomatoes!
    Anyway, the home-grown variety I tried
    last year was nothing like what I have
    gotten in the store. They are larger,
    and essentially the same as the cherry
    variety. I don't know if there is a
    trick I missed in harvesting, but if I
    waited for the red color, the tomatoes
    were bigger than quarters, whereas the
    store-boughts are slightly larger than
    dimes.(circumfrence) Still had great
    flavor, but the texture/firmness of the
    store-bought version was not there.

    • Thanks, I'll try them
      Posted by jasmine from 6 on 2001-03-20 13:56:24

      Thanks for your story, Heidi. I will
      check out for grape tomatoes at the
      supermarket. Burpee and NGA people are
      defining "grape tomato" varieties to be
      large-sized cherry tomatoes. I don't
      know if this definition is appropriate
      or not. I'm thinking about trying Juliet
      Hybrid, a 1999 AAS winner, for this
      • different varieties
        Posted by Byron from 4b/5a on 2001-03-20 13:58:32

        I happen to be on a tomato list with the
        breeder of the Green grape and Green
        Zebra, Tom Wagner of Bakersfield, CA.
        and the breeder of the Red Grape, Andrew

        From folks that have tried these, they
        like the taste better than the Santa,
        Christmas or Juliette.

        • Green Grape Tomatoes
          Posted by Darlene Judd from Oregon/8 on 2010-02-15 07:11:00

          We tried green grape tomatoes several years ago when we got our first little green house..we loved the tomatoes and had a hard time finding them afterwards..they are a little funny looking as they are green with a yellowish blush when ripe..they have an interesting flavor. Your best bet it to get some seed and then save your own for later years so you always have seed.
        • sources?
          Posted by jasmine from 6 on 2001-03-20 14:01:06

          hanks, Byron. Do you happen to know
          which seed retailers handle those grape
          tomato seeds? Your input will be highly
          • sources
            Posted by Byron from 4b/5a on 2001-03-20 14:02:04

            Seed Savers Exchange
            Totally Tomtaoes
            Tomato Growers Seed Supply


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