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what's eating my bougainvillea?

what's eating my bougainvillea?
Posted by jt glikman from ca on 2001-04-10 15:29:07

I have enjoyed my bouganvilla shrubs for the last 3 years. However, this year I have noticed that the stems/branches are being eaten or cut through. For some reason this animal is irritating me because not only is it eating through stems or branches it has also eaten/cut through the bases of several of the shrubs and I am frustrated. It is spring and I may have to start over. Help!
In addition to that, I have noticed this year is that there is an oppossum in the yard. I was about to kill it when my neighbour told me to leave it alone as it is one of Mother Nature's clean up crew. Well, what should I do if it is eating up my bouganvilla shrubs?


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