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Posted by Ben from PA/6 on 2002-03-29 10:25:33

I heard about an easy to make vinegar solution for killing weeds. I have a long walkway with weeds and grass growing through it and would like to do something organic - and avoid Round-up. Has anyone heard of the vinegar mix and how to make it?
  • Vinegar or Acetic Acid
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-03-30 08:00:11

    My weeds and grasses must be tougher than the average since vinegar (best I can find in the stores is a 5 percent solution) does not faze them. I've not treid it but I'm told that Acetic Acid solutions (that is what vinegar really is) of 10 percent will. That stuff isn't easy for me to find. The other consideration is if you like that appearance of the brown dead stuff or a crisp edge. I can mechanically edge 100 feet of flower bed in about an hour (and I'm slow) and don't have the dead and brown edge afterwards, just a nice clean appearing seperation between the bed and lawn.


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