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flower baaskets

flower baaskets
Posted by Edna ( from Ohio on 2002-03-31 14:37:29

I have two baskets of green plants(mixture) from a funeral. They mean a lot to me and I want to know how to care for them. Do I divide them or put in a larger pot? Please help. I don't want to lose them.I have had some experience with house plants but I currently don't have any but these. I guess I am scared of losing these. These baskets are app. 8"' in diameter. Thanks very much.
  • basket
    Posted by Carole from NY on 2002-03-31 18:48:23

    Hello, first may I say sorry about the loss!!
    The arrangements are very pretty when they are together. You can either seperate each individual plant and pot up in its own or `you could put in a bigger pot! I personally would seperate them! Most plants that are used for those types of arrangements are easy to care for plants so you should have no troubles keeping them going!! Wish you the best in what ever you decide to do!


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