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no-til gardening

no-til gardening
Posted by candy from SC on 2002-03-31 14:57:06

I would like to change some parts of my lawn (I have centipede grass) into a flower garden. I would like to make it sinuous in shape. I overheard someone talking about no-til gardening which involves putting thick layers of newspaper down right on top of the grass and then I had to leave. So, I don't know what happens next. Can anyone tell me anything about this no-til gardening?
  • No Till
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-04-01 07:51:11

    I'm not sure whether Centipede grass would be considered invasive like Bermuda or St. Augustine, but if not simply lay some newspaper sheets down, cover them with a mulch (shredded leaves are very plentiful up here and I use those) and let that work for several months. The grass (if its non invasive) wil die due to lack of sunlight and feed the soil bacteria that will digest the roots, newspaper, and eventually what ever the mulch was and the earthworms will move some of that "stuff" down into the soil making it a part of your soil structure (humus) That will seperate the clay particles to allow more air into the soil (or bind the sand particles together so moisture won't flow through so easily) and make liffe easier for the roots of any plants you put there in the future.


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