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Posted by Cat from New York on 2002-04-01 12:20:41

I have a thriving Raspberry Bush at my mothers house. No matter what the weather is this thing is bigger and more beautiful every year. I want to transplant some of it to my garden at our cabin and some to my garden at my home. When is the best time of year to transplant? I also have to drive about 75 miles with the transplant what would the best way to transport the transplants.
  • Transplanting raspberries
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-04-05 07:32:14

    Take some root cuttings, preferably in the fall but it can be done in the spring before much growth takes place, wrap them in moist newspaper or something else that will keep them moist during transport, and plant them when you get home. It would be best to have the spot prepared in advance so all you need do is plunk them in when you arrive.


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