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Help me win family pumpkin contest

Help me win family pumpkin contest
Posted by Doc from IL/4 on 2001-04-10 23:30:38

Each year my brother, sister, and I have a pumpkin growing contest. (_ diameter=win). It began about five years ago as throwing seeds next to the house and has evolved into genetics, theory, and even sabotage (by misinformation, not vandalism). We tease, taunt, and brag at Easter dinner and measure at Thanksgiving dinner. Any tips or advice on growing or where to get super seeds would be appreciated. WARNING: If Jeff or Peggy read this, you better not reply with some bogus tips!!!
  • How-to-grow world class giant pumpkins, Vol. I and II
    Posted by jasmine from 6 on 2001-04-12 01:21:21

    Maybe, you already know this book...
  • Best kept secret
    Posted by Jeff from IL/4 on 2001-04-10 23:38:38

    Around the middle of October, go out and sit on your pumpkin for about half an hour each night. Its best to do this when the sun is still up so everyone can see. Occasionally flap your arms and balk like a chicken. Your sure to win. Love, your bro Jeff


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