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strawberry bed mulch

strawberry bed mulch
Posted by Christine ( from wisconsin on 2002-04-08 17:17:31

I have everbering strawberries. I would like to put some shredded bark or chips to choke out the weeds. I was wondering if I could use any kind of bark or is there some that could kill my strawberries. We have a local sawmill that sells mulch every year. Any info would be great. Thanks
  • Strawberry mulch
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-04-09 06:32:27

    I prefer something less "permanent" as mulch in my strawberries since there is always some renewing of the bed going on. Straw or shredded leaves are my preference since they allow the daughter plants to root more easily that would bark or wood chips and they are digested by the soil bacteria faster.


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