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Pruning a Weeping Cherry Tree

Pruning a Weeping Cherry Tree
Posted by Sheryl from 45243 on 2001-04-12 06:25:56

I have a large Weeping Cherry Tree in my front lawn that I love. My problem is in the summer it looks like a huge bush. Other Weeping Cherry trees I've seen either are sparse looking or the limbs don't reach the ground, so you can see the trunk and know it is a tree. My tree is very full and the some of the limbs drag the ground. Is it okay to prune them so they are a foot or two off the ground? I really love the look in the winter and spring, but the summer it looks messy. Please help!

Pruning a Weeping Cherry Tree

  • pruning weeping cherries
    Posted by kriste from or on 2005-05-03 04:15:00

    Hi, I am second year horticulture student and in pruning class the basics for a spring flowering shrub is to prune after blooming. I also have a weeping cherry (which is only 10ft tall), but the branches grew so much during the fall and winter that they were dragging on the ground (this might make them more suseptible to diseases), so next fall I think I 'm going to trim it a little. I think once these plants are established a hard pruning is not going to hurt them.

    • Is my weeping cherry dead?
      Posted by Gwen from Ohio on 2005-06-06 08:59:00

      I planted a beautiful new weeping cherry tree in April, followed all the directions and after-planting care instructions, and weeks later all the leaves and blossoms fell off. I recently scraped some bark off of a couple of branches and I think they're dead. There has been some growth on the trunk, so I'm sure the base of the tree is still alive, but I don't know if I should prune the branches off and let the new growth on the trunk take over, or if it's a lost cause. I'm a brand-new tree grower (and my other two trees have all ready taken off like gang-busters!) and I'm not sure how to proceed... can you help?


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