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Posted by Mark Repman from FL/8b on 2002-04-30 15:25:11

I have a Bonnie Bell Tomato plant growing in a 5 gal bucket with plenty of fruits starting to come. After checking out the larger ones I noticed that they are starting to rot from the bottom. It does not get a lot of full sun but seems to be healthy. Any idea why my fruits are doing this?
  • Blossom End Rot
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-05-04 07:50:10

    Your tomatoes are probably suffering Blossom End Rot, something that happens when calcium to the blossom is insufficient and can be caused by low soil calcium levels, too rapid plant growth (calcium moves very slowly through the plant), soil moisture levels fluctuating too much inhibiting uptake of calcium. Since you are growing these in pots I'd suspect some of all of those are at work.
    What growing medium are you using?
    Do you let the pot dry out before watering, or are you keeping it evenly moist?


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