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Watermelon seedlings

Watermelon seedlings
Posted by Kim from Ontario on 2002-06-06 11:33:39

Hello all! I have a question about watermelon seedlings. My watermelon seedlings, which I grew indoors, emerged about 2 weeks ago. Since then I've noticed that while some are healthy and growing, most (3/4) are shriveling up. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

Should I be fertilizing the seedlings? Should I plant them outdoors (maybe they need the fresh air?) Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • Seed starting
    Posted by Shirley from Oh/5 on 2002-06-14 09:12:23

    Several things could be going on with your watermelon seeds. Did you use a sterile soil or seed starter? Were your containers cleaned and sterilized before you started? You could have what is called 'damping off'. That is when there is bacteria in your soil or pots.
    Also, yes seedlings need fertilizer once they come up. Especially if you used seed starter.
    I usually start my bigger seeds in a folded damp paper towel that is enclosed in a baggie or saran wrap.
    Hope this helps.
    • Watermelon
      Posted by Rachel from Ut on 2007-02-25 03:29:00

      Hey, I am growing Sugar Baby Watermelons, but the thing is that I cannot find out what the cotton like substance on the top is. It appears after the seeds grow to the surface. Help, please ASAP


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