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Posted by singblues ( from n w on 2002-06-18 00:03:28

I bought some garlic and when I opened the cloves they were sprotting so I planted them in my garden all 100 of them .
My girlfriend told me they would not grow till next year. That they are like asparagus and take 2 years to mature is this true I have not been able to find any thing on growing them.

  • Garlis
    Posted by Shirley from OH/5 on 2002-06-21 08:29:39

    You can plant garlic in the spring and harvest it in the fall. Or you can plant garlic in the fall and harvest it early summer the following year. Just remember to break off top of the stem when it starts to flower. Your garlic should be ready this fall providing you have a good long growing season this year. You'll know the garlic is ready to dig up when the bottom of the stem turns brown. Dig it up, don't pull on it.


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