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Thunbergia from seed

Thunbergia from seed
Posted by Jennifer from CT on 2001-04-16 23:45:21

Hi,does any one out there have some info on starting Thunbergia (Black-eyed susan vine) from seed? I have a lot of seed that I collected from a nursary plant that I bought last year. Don't have a clue if the seeds are even good.I planted some inside about 2 weeks ago,so far nothing is going on.........HELP!!!!! I am new at this seed starting stuff and seem to be sucessful with a lot of other plants but have no clue on this one. Thanks for any help. Jennifer:)
  • Thunbergia
    Posted by Merry Mary from Indiana/5 on 2001-04-19 11:44:47

    Hi, Jennifer!

    Seeds started indoors should be planted 6 to 8 weeks before last frost; temperature of your planting medium should stay between 70 & 75 degrees consistently during germination, which usually takes from 10 to 15 days. If you have leftover seeds, plant in full sun of very light shade after all danger of frost has passed.

    Even though it is a tropical, native to Africa, it doesn't like excessive heat. Do not prune during growing season. They can winter over in hour house or a heated greenhouse. What I HAVEN'T been able to find is whether they need light or dark to germinate. If you have them in one situation, switch them to the other, and maybe they'll still germinate! My information came from Ann Reilly's "Park's Success with Seeds", pub. in 1978 by Geo. Park Seed Co., Greenwood, S.C. Great book...don't know if you can still find copies, though.

    Please let us know what you find out, and, hey!, all you others on this message board, give us your two cents worth (or more!), please. Good luck, Jennifer.

    Merry Mary
    Indiana, zone 5


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