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Posted by Michael Rosenbaum from NY on 2001-04-17 09:28:18

I want to construct planters to set on the perimeter of a small stone patio. I would like suggestions regarding a material that will stand up to the elements. Should they be lined with anything? How best to provide for irrigation? I plan on planting some small annuals and herbs in these planters.


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    Posted by Kayle Archey ( from Oklahoma and Ar on 2007-05-29 09:10:00

    Oops! Michael, I forgot to tell you to cut any rims off both pots. This will prevent the mix getting under the rim and making it hard to release. Also you can smooth and shape these planters with a grinder or sanding device
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    Posted by Kayle Archey ( from Oklahoma and Ar on 2007-05-29 09:06:00

    You can make all kinds of
    Planter pots by using two
    plastic pots, one larger than
    the other.
    You will need to mix equal
    parts of cement, perlite and
    peat moss with water until you
    get a consistency of dry peanut butter.
    Spray the inside of the larger pot with pam,and spray the outside of the smaller pot,
    put some mix on the bottom of the larger pot and set the smaller pot onto the mix, with a trowel, fill all around the smaller pot until it is level with the top. Allow this to stand several hours or overnight to firm up and then unmold carefully. Allow the unmolded form to dry throughly. Drill drainage holes in the bottom before the form is too hard. Once the form is dry, you can paint it with Patio outdoor paints to any design and color you like.


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