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Tomato Splits

Tomato Splits
Posted by Melissa ( from TX/9 on 2002-06-29 15:15:15

We are getting drenched this weekend. I have much fruit on my tomato vines. How can I keep them from soaking up too much moisture and splitting their skins?
  • Drenched
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-06-30 07:03:57

    If the tomatoes are well mulched so the soil moisture levels have been pretty constant this downpour should not create problems with splitting. But if the soil was left exposed to the ravages of the sun, wind, and rain and the tomaotes have had a fluctuating moisture supply, they will drink all the can now to try to make up for what they didn't get earlier and that will produce splitting of the fruit.


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