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laurel edges

laurel edges
Posted by patrick schirvanian from united kingdom on 2001-04-17 11:17:22

The leaves of the laurel edge in front
of my house are turning a bit yellow...
Does it need some sort of feeding?


  • Did I send that message
    Posted by Steffanie Haplik from Chichester, uk on 2007-12-15 04:35:00

    Not sure if I sent you a message or not - still quite scatty! Anyway would love to know how you are Steffanie - 01243 776334
  • Hi There
    Posted by ANDY WILKINSON from London on 2007-07-20 06:16:00

    Hi Pat... is that you?
    I'm trying to contact you and this is all I can find when I search your name.
    2001 so a long shot

    Contact me if it is me old DK/NTL mate.



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