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Mother-in-Law Tongue

Mother-in-Law Tongue
Posted by Joa from Missouri on 2001-04-18 09:02:12

I need to know the actual name of the so called Mother-in-Law's Tongue plant. I have one that is getting very big and I need to know how to separate replant or whatever.
  • mother inlaws tongue?
    Posted by Carole from NY on 2001-04-19 12:13:25

    Hello Joa:

    Just recently I have seen a variety of plants called "mother inlaws tongue".
    But the one I think you are referring to is a sansevierra/ snake plant. If I am correct and this is what you have they can be propageted a couple different ways - You can seperate by root cuttings, if there is more that one stalk of these you can seperate them and repot them into different pots. These plants also dont mind being root bound at least thats my experience. I also have had some luck with rerooting a peice of the snake plant by popping off a peice and sticking it back in the soil - new shoots will grow as the peice will die off. I hope this helps you!
    If you go to the link then click on my plants and scroll down to sansevierras A B C - these are pics of my snake plants. Keep me posted on how you do!


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