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Ponytail brown edges

Ponytail brown edges
Posted by John L. from Florida on 2001-04-18 23:34:38

Is it normal for ponytail palm to have brown edges? Mine gets good medium light on outdoor patio, water about 2 times a month.
  • ponytail edges
    Posted by Carole from NY on 2001-04-19 12:00:40

    Hello John:

    I have 2 ponytail palms and the both have brown tips! Are you talking about edges or tips?
    The brown tips are normal but I dont have brown edges. I too water about twive a month and mist it every night. I did notice since Ive started to mist the tips arent browning as much.
    If your talking about the tip - I have heard controdicting stories: Like dont cut the brown tips off because they will brown even more, Then some one else go ahead and cut the brown off it wont do any harm! So I guess you have to use your own judgement. I personally dont cut mine but like I said I mist which seems to cut down on the browning tremendously! Hope this helps!! They are wonderful plants to have around!!
    PS: The one link our plants - just go to the button that says my plants then scroll down to see ponytail palm and click on it! Also go to this site: for more photo's.

    Our plants

    • Did I kill my plant?
      Posted by Susan ( from Tennessee on 2010-04-03 07:18:00

      Out of frustration to brown leaves and lack of knowledge-I cut ALL my leaves off my ponytail palm. I'm left with just the stump. Can it be saved?


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