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Propagating pothos

Propagating pothos
Posted by Nancy from Texas on 2001-03-20 15:19:21

Please help!

I have made many attempts at propogating
my pothos ivy plant with no success!! I
know it is fairly easy, so I've heard. I
am not sure what is going wrong, but I
do have an idea. I think I probably am
not cutting the stem at the correct
place. Or it could be that i am not
being patient enough and giving up too
soon. I am on my third shoot in about 5
months to no avail. Could anyone please
offer some tips as to how to do this and
as to where exactly I should cut the
stems from. Any and as much info would
be greatly appreciated.
  • Nodes are key
    Posted by Nan from WI on 2001-03-20 15:20:30

    Nancy: You just have to make sure that
    you get a node or two submerged into the
    water. The node is where the leaf
    attaches to the stem. When you take your
    cutting, remove the leaf as close to the
    stem as possible, and submerge that
    portion (the node) into the water. They
    do only root from those nodes. Good
    • Knowing about nodes
      Posted by Nancy from Texas on 2001-03-20 15:21:09

      Thanks for the info. I was not aware of
      that apparently important information.


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