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pumpkin pest

pumpkin pest
Posted by Leslie from MO on 2001-03-20 16:08:35

Hi everyone! This summer my pumpkin
vines were destroyed by a grey
beetle-type insect. There were literally
thousands of them when we pulled up the
vines in the fall! I dusted with Sevin
in the spring, then didn't do anything
else until I noticed a lot of the bugs
were there (I should have been paying
better attention, I know). I sprayed
everything, but it was too late. Once
they killed my pumpkin vines, they
moved into my cantaloupe (which were
ruined anyway because of too much rain
late in the summer). Is there something
I can do to prevent these bugs from
invading my garden again?
  • Squash bug
    Posted by Kimm from 4b/5a on 2001-03-20 16:09:42

    While most books describe the Squash bug
    as dark brown to black the pictures I've
    seen could indicate a grey beetle type
    insect. These guys (and gals) prefer
    pumpkins but will go after other
    cucurbits as well and the adults
    overwinter in the garden laying eggs
    that hatch in 1 to 2 weeks in late
    spring. The youngest nymphs are a pale
    green turning to a grey powdery color as
    they mature. You can find the shiny
    yellow eggs on the bottom side of the
    plant leaves in groups and as the time
    of hatch approaches the eggs turn a dark
    red. Floating row covers offer some
    protection, as long as there are no
    adults left under the covers, but since
    there have been found some of these
    buggers that have developed resistance
    to carbaryl it probably is no longer
    effective. Keep any adult beetles
    picked. Radishes, nasturtiums, and
    marigolds have been shown to be
    repellant to these buggers so a few
    planted in among the pumpkins can also
    • I'll try it
      Posted by Leslie from Mo on 2001-03-20 16:10:45

      I've ordered lots of marigold seeds to
      plant around my pumpkins and cantaloupe.
      I'll let you know how things go.


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