Top-10 Most Popular Christmas Trees

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Top-10 Most Popular Christmas Trees

1. Balsam fir: The traditional Christmas tree. It is tall and slender with ½-inch-long needles. It lasts a long time and is very aromatic. Great for tight spaces.

2. Douglas fir: One of the top sellers in the country. Good for a big room as it is a full and elegant tree. Needles are longer than balsam and radiate in all directions from the branch. Sweet fragrance.

3. Fraser fir: Needles are dark green on top, silver underneath. Branches turn slightly upward. Frasers are perfectly shaped trees with good needle retention. Needles range from 1/2 inch to 2/3 inch long. Pleasant aroma.

4. Noble fir: Popular in the West. Beautifully scented, rich green tree with short needles that turn upward, exposing the underside of the branches. Known for its beauty, the noble fir keeps well, and its stiff, upward bending branches make it a good tree for heavy ornaments, as well as providing excellent greenery for wreaths and garlands.

5. Scotch pine: The king of Christmas trees and the top-selling tree in the country. Branches curve upward, making them perfect for holding cherished ornaments. Stays fresh for a long time. No needle drop even when the tree dries out.

6. White pine: Known for its soft, flexible, bluish-green needles, which range from 2 ½ inches to 5 inches long. Not good for heavy ornaments. This tree has good needle retention but no scent.

7. Colorado blue spruce: As the name implies, needles are bluish-gray. It is very symmetrical and has good needle retention, but an unpleasant odor when the needles are crushed.

8. White fir: Needles are 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches in length and last a very long time. This tree has dark-green needles and retains its pleasing fragrance throughout the Christmas season.

9. Leyland cypress: Popular in the Southeast. This tree is dark grayish green and has very little aroma. When kept in water it will last a long time. It doesn't shed needles or produce sap.

10. Virginia pine: A top seller in the South. The dark green tree has dense foliage. Its stout branches support heavy ornaments. The trunk is thinner at the base so it easily fits in most stands. Retains needles for a long time, has a pleasant pine scent, and has natural cones— an added bonus.

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