Welcome to Course 1

Welcome to Course 1
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Before You Begin...
Thank you for enrolling in Exploring the Garden. Here is some additional information to help you get the most from this Learning Garden course.

About the Course:
The course is broken down into four parts. We've titled them Week 1, Week 2, etc. and suggest you plan on following a weekly pace.   However, you can take the course as quickly, or as slowly, as you like.

We’ll begin Week 1 with a review of basic plant anatomy, then move on to plants’ basic needs and how they meet those needs. In Week 2, we’ll tackle important metabolic functions like photosynthesis and transpiration, and explore plant growth responses. Week 3 focuses on plant classification and a survey of the plant kingdom. And we’ll finish the course in Week 4 by exploring plant adaptations.

Keep an eye out for "pop quiz" buttons—a quick way to test what you've learned so far!

For a complete listing of the topics covered in each week of the course, click on the Outline button at the top of the page.

We welcome your feedback! Please take a moment to fill out the survey at the end of the course.

Using the Menu Buttons:
At the top of each page, you'll find four navigation buttons.

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The Learning Garden Home Page.

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Useful information about the course.

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Definition of each botanical term used in the course.

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A linked outline of Course 1. Click on any topic to visit that page in the lecture.

We recommend that you visit the HELP PAGE before you begin the course.

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About Your Instructor...

As Coordinator of NGA's online question and answer service, Suzanne DeJohn has answered literally thousands of gardening questions. Convinced that gardeners are curious and love to learn, she was inspired to create NGA's Learning Garden.

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Suzanne's varied work experience in interior and exterior landscaping giveS her practical knowledge, while her education and university research work provide a strong background in botany and other natural sciences.  She resides in northern Vermont, where she enjoys the challenges and rewards of cold-climate gardening.

Suzanne may be reached via email at [email protected].


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