Welcome to Part II of Exploring the Garden

Welcome to Part II of Exploring the Garden


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Exploring the Garden, part II: Plant Relationships and Cycles


Welcome to Part II of Exploring the Garden.

In the first part  of this course we laid the groundwork for understanding plant structures and functions. We surveyed plant classification systems and nomenclature, and also discussed some interesting plant adaptations.

The general theme of this second part is relationships. We’ll start Week 1 by exploring the relationships between plants and people. We’ll look at the various roles, both obvious and hidden, that plants play in our lives.

In Weeks 2 and 3 we’ll look at plant reproduction, which we might describe as the relationship between plants. We’ll take a close look at flowers and the biology of fertilization, and the subsequent formation of seeds. Then we’ll delve into genetics—how inherited traits are passed from generation to generation.

We’ll wrap up our botany course in Week 4 by focusing on plants’ relationships to other plants within the context of their environment. We will look at plant communities, then explore how this information translates to the garden setting.

Let’s get started!

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