Garden Planning and Design

Garden Planning and Design

Vegetables and
Annual Flowers

Class 1: Gardening Basics
Class 2: Garden Planning & Design
Class 3: Indoor Seed Starting
Class 4: Planting & Transplanting
Class 5: Maintaining a Healthy Garden
Class 6: Troubleshooting

Class 2

In this class you'll...

  • Plan your garden layout
  • Think about raised beds
  • Ponder vertical gardens
  • Consider succession planting
  • Learn proper plant spacing

Why a Plan?

Free-form or carefully planned? How should you go about designing your garden? Have you ever wondered...

How much area should I till for my new garden?
Should I build raised beds?
Do I have room for both peas and cucumbers?

A garden plan can help answer these questions.

If you "plant with no plan," you may find that you don’t have room for those six beautiful tomato seedlings you’ve been nurturing. And without a plan, it’s tempting to squeeze those little transplants a little closer together so you can fit more in.

Plan your garden, and you’ll know just what will fit (or if you need to till up more garden space).

You'll have a better harvest and fewer pest problems if you space plants properly.

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