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Talking about Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia 'Dr. Seuss'), Chantell wrote:

Finally moved this gifted cutie to a extra large pot back in late spring. After I received lots of good advice regarding feeding, mine has been non-stop blooming since the end of Sept. What beautiful cheery yellow blooms that turn to an orange sherbet color with age. Icing on the cake? Incredible wafting nighttime fragrance: to my nose, a lily-like scent with citrus undertones.

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Talking about Brugmansia (Brugmansia arborea), Zazinnia wrote:

Easy to root. Cut branches in fall and place in a bucket of water over winter. Roots will form, and then I plant out in the garden in spring. A friend puts hers directly in the dirt beside her water heater and shelters with an old window.

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Talking about Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia 'Milk-N-Honey'), dyzzypyxxy wrote:

This brug has lovely, very long, pendant blossoms with a wonderful fragrance that open pure white, then are suffused with a pale golden color as they mature. An unusual feature of the leaves is a velvety texture. I'm wondering whether that's what seems to make them a little less attractive to spider mites than other brugs.

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Talking about Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia 'Monster White'), dyzzypyxxy wrote:

A very vigorous cultivar with sturdy growth habit, and large, pure white flowers with a lovely clean fragrance. As with most brugs, very easy to start from cuttings, and my first start of 'Monster White' grew from a 10in. cutting to a 5ft. shrub in less than 6 months. Be prepared to prune this one to keep it in bounds if you are growing in a container (as I do). The nematodes in our soil here in Florida just love brugs, so if planted in the ground, they last about a year. But most brugs also love to be pruned, and respond by putting on extravagant flushes of new growth and blooms. Feed brugs with soluble fertilizer, enhanced with magnesium at least once a month - about a teaspoon of Epsom salts per gallon of water seems to work great.

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Talking about Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi'), dyzzypyxxy wrote:

I love the color and scent of 'Charles Grimaldi,' but I must say that it is the least vigorous of all the brugs I've grown. All brugs are insect magnets and especially attractive to spider mites, but this one seems to decline the most quickly of all, and takes longest to rebound as well.

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