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Talking about Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia 'Snowbank'), DaylilySLP wrote:

Hybridized by Heims, 2003 (PP14817)

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Talking about Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia 'Miner's Claim'), DaylilySLP wrote:

A variegated form of 'Frosty Pink'.
Hybridized by Miller, 2003 (PP15747)

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Talking about Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia 'Dr. Seuss'), Chantell wrote:

Finally moved this gifted cutie to a extra large pot back in late spring. After I received lots of good advice regarding feeding, mine has been non-stop blooming since the end of Sept. What beautiful cheery yellow blooms that turn to an orange sherbet color with age. Icing on the cake? Incredible wafting nighttime fragrance: to my nose, a lily-like scent with citrus undertones.

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Talking about Brugmansia (Brugmansia arborea), Zazinnia wrote:

Easy to root. Cut branches in fall and place in a bucket of water over winter. Roots will form, and then I plant out in the garden in spring. A friend puts hers directly in the dirt beside her water heater and shelters with an old window.

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Talking about Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia 'Milk-N-Honey'), dyzzypyxxy wrote:

This brug has lovely, very long, pendant blossoms with a wonderful fragrance that open pure white, then are suffused with a pale golden color as they mature. An unusual feature of the leaves is a velvety texture. I'm wondering whether that's what seems to make them a little less attractive to spider mites than other brugs.

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