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Welcome to the world of Sempervivum.

Please come in and enjoy the Chat thread and other informative threads. Share your ideas and experiences growing these amazing succulents and post photos of the ones you are growing. Used for container growing, ground cover, rock gardens and hanging baskets. Let your creativity lead you to new ways of using them.

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  • Not sure if this is just a coincidence, this is not even my first year, I've only had this for 3 or 4 months, and it already has 1 pup.
  • 'Dakona' was sent to Chris Hansen by someone in Russia. The background of this semp is not known at this time.
  • Plant is similar to S.tectorum and S.calcareum in most aspects regarding care: cold outdoor winters, partial sun exposure, likes fresh air, dislikes being wet in summer. Only thing different is the way the rosettes clump (growing directly from the base, instead of making a creeper/adventitious structure), making propagation a bit more difficult. Flowers are also different looking, being similar to other members of what used to be the genus Jovibarba (sempervivum globiferum), in a sense that they are all white and partially closed.
  • JungleShadows said:
    You know I made that cross for 'Stuffed Olive'; just to piss off Ed Scrocki! When he named 'Olivette' I asked "where's the pimento?" and made the cross with Malbyi #2, which was one of the better reds in the 70's. Anyway, he did enjoy my little jab and loved 'Stuffed Olive' too. 'Olivette' is a problem grower for me here in Oregon but 'Stuffed Olive' is easy.

  • Information from
    Listing in: Sighting Garden Weihenstephan "Sempervivum and Jovibarba - Attempt of a Systematic Representation" (1977), author H. Müssel (here from facsimile reprint 2005 by Semperpost-Verlag, Wedel), p. 9 - as S. "aureum" under "Forms of the Tectorum Group"

    At M. Haberer as S. tectorum var. aureum (collection list) and tectorum aureum (label). For A. Smits as AS4942 Species aureum b.

    No entry in: Eggli, Urs (eds): Succulent lexicon, Vol.4, 2003

    In André Smit's list as AS4942 Species aureum b
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