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Welcome to the world of Sempervivum.

Please come in and enjoy the Chat thread and other informative threads. Share your ideas and experiences growing these amazing succulents and post photos of the ones you are growing. Used for container growing, ground cover, rock gardens and hanging baskets. Let your creativity lead you to new ways of using them.

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  • Here is a little history on 'Moon Maiden', from Don Mylin:
    I cannot tell you the seed parent for Moon Maiden, however I have used 'Korspel Sport' a few years back to generate a series of plants with thicker leaves which is what I was after. One of the earlier ones was 'Emerald City'. Now I have several larger plants with the thickness but green. Moon Maiden was the first one with decent color. When it starts to grow in the spring it looks like it is going to be yellowish ivory but as time passes it gets darker and darker. It made me think of the light and dark sides of the moon. From there it was a leap to an old Duke Ellington tune- 'Moon Maiden'
  • youngsgarden said: This is one of my favorites of Kevin's new introductions... such intense, ever changing coloring. Kevin sent me this new variety about the time that my daughter was born. We weren't sure we were going to keep it because the coloring did change so drastically throughout the year... it was just A2-1 for the longest time. Having received the plant when my first daughter, Gwen, was born though it reminded me a lot of her... intense, beautiful, always changing.

  • JungleShadows said: Lynn,

    You know that looks similar to my plant of calcareum from Ceuse, although maybe more gold right now. Ceuse is one of my favorite calcareums.

    It's too bad the calcareums only bloom rarely as it would be good to have more of that germplasm in our semps. It tends to make nice compact plants with good weather resistance, perhaps because it has to withstand more Mediterranean conditions in its native France.


  • JungleShadows said:
    Funny story on 'Flasher'. Helen was a bit of a prude and wouldn't sell my 'Devil's Advocate' because of Satan. Luckily she didn't know what flasher referred to so that went on the market. It was the first one that had bright red color for me. It is from a seedling of Ed Skrocki's, his #51, that had very bright color but was a wretched plant

    I know Ed Skrocki almost split a gut laughing at the name, knowing full well that Helen didn't!

  • Volkmar Schara said:I don't give the parents anymore for several reasons. The mother is always exactly determined - with the father I cannot be sure! I work in the last years mostly with parents who have not been named yet. Most of the seedings are from very new plants that are still in the trial stage. The plants are always close together and therefore from the group will also be the fathers! However, many plants then fail to make the introduction and are discarded again - so naming the mother doesn't make much sense. Black Tears comes from a seeding of Sweet Little Tears - hence the name - I would also be very interested in the father. From the whole sowing only this seedling was kept! Really a pity, I expected more from Sweet Little Tears - one of my favorite varieties! I hope I could help you a little bit.
    Kind regards Volkmar
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