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Welcome to the world of Sempervivum.

Please come in and enjoy the Chat thread and other informative threads. Share your ideas and experiences growing these amazing succulents and post photos of the ones you are growing. Used for container growing, ground cover, rock gardens and hanging baskets. Let your creativity lead you to new ways of using them.

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If you are having problems with your hardy succulents, visit Growing Pains, hosted by Doctor Houseleeks, who will help find just the right treatment to get that plant back to health, or help you understand what to do so you don’t lose another much loved plant.

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Photo by sedumzz
Recent comments from our
Sempervivum database:

  • Don Mylin said:This plant was by Jan Noyes in 2001. It was one she named before she turned the nursery over to me. I have no idea who Glen Morrie might be, and she never said. It seemed like an average plant to me and at some time I quit propagating it. That is about all I know.
  • EU 48565 ('belsemred1'PBR) (plant patent in EU and US)
    United States Plant Patent:
  • Gisela Volkner said:Named after my grandchild Jannik.
    Beatrix said when she saw the seedling that this is a wonder, because the seedling forms cristate, double head, triple head. Sometimes an offset makes stripes, sometimes it is half only colored.

  • From Jeanette at Plant Haven: Amethyst does not fit the SUPERSEMP series so has been moved and is named Lavender Ice (avail from Pacific Plug & Liner and Quality Cuttings).
  • Here is a little history on 'Moon Maiden', from Don Mylin:
    I cannot tell you the seed parent for Moon Maiden, however I have used 'Korspel Sport' a few years back to generate a series of plants with thicker leaves which is what I was after. One of the earlier ones was 'Emerald City'. Now I have several larger plants with the thickness but green. Moon Maiden was the first one with decent color. When it starts to grow in the spring it looks like it is going to be yellowish ivory but as time passes it gets darker and darker. It made me think of the light and dark sides of the moon. From there it was a leap to an old Duke Ellington tune- 'Moon Maiden'
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