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Talking about Informal Decorative Dahlia (Dahlia 'Who Dun It'), mantisOH wrote:

Coloration can vary with weather, but I've never had as much white as in some pics.

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Talking about Dahlia 'AC Ben', mantisOH wrote:

Vigorous grower. Holds well in adverse weather.

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Talking about Dahlia 'Penhill Watermelon', KatEnns wrote:

This Dahlia is amazing! It starts out kind of brick red, fades to a multiple of pink yellow and red, and is enormous. I purchased this last year from Fernhill in British Columbia, and it seems to have overwintered in my cold storage ok so far.

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Talking about Dahlia 'Sunshine', lauribob wrote:

This is one of my favorite dahlias. It's not one of the giant types, so it doesn't need staking and does fine in a moderately windy location. It blooms prolifically if deadheaded regularly. The dark foliage is really striking against the yellow flowers and does well both in containers, and as a bedding plant. I feed these with diluted liquid fertilizer in containers. They just get what everyone else gets out in the flower beds - a spring topdressing of manure or compost. I rarely remember to lift them in the fall so I pretty much think of them as annuals in my zone 5 garden.

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Talking about Dahlia 'Mingus Loren P', LorettaNJ wrote:

The first bloom was a disappointment and I regretted getting this plant. But then every bloom after that was just perfect and it became one of my favorites. Lots of blooms.

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