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  • Talking about Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff', FPF wrote:
    B of L can be VERY hard to keep, and rots for many people. In past visits to Swan Island, even their rows had a lot of empty space where they were growing B of L plants for their catalog tuber sales.
  • Talking about Dahlia 'Suffolk Punch', arctangent wrote:
    What's in a name?
    The name of this dahlia has always interested me. I first heard the name 'Suffolk Punch' as a child, reading about breeds of horses in one of the books my family mysteriously owned. We weren't horse people. Suffolk Punch is an English breed of heavy draft horse, or draught horse, as it is termed in the UK. 'Punch' is slang in the UK for a short, stout individual.
    This dahlia was developed in the UK, but its appearance has little in common with the Suffolk PUnch horse, or horses in general. It isn't sorrel or chestnut in color, as characterizes the horse breed, but at a stretch you could say the plants are short and stout, I suppose. I finally decided the 'Punch' in the dahlia name could be a play on words, and refer to the blooms' reddish pink color, which is not unlike the color of many punch drinks.
    Any thoughts?
  • Dahlia World lists the flower form as single, but as can be seen in photos in the database, some doubling (extra rows of petals) can occur. Personally, I think 'novelty open' (NO) is a more accurate description of the flower form.
  • Talking about Dahlia 'Purple Gem', arctangent wrote:
    The two flower forms currently listed for this entry, pompon and incurved cactus are seriously at odds with each other. All of the photos in the database are of a cactus type dahlia.

    Data World lists five different cultivars with the name 'Purple Gem', viz.
    Purple Gem I Pom Pu. 1941 Barwise UK ir0/cd13/nds42w/adsc02
    Purple Gem II SBa Pu. <1938 Dahlia News38
    Purple Gem III SC Pu. 1965 ir0
    Purple Gem IV MinD Pu. 1958 gw
    Purple Gem V SC Pu. <1957 kops NL ir0/cd34/ =kops purple

    Dahlia Addict references only an incurved cactus form, which seems to agree with the photos in the database.

    I conclude that the database photos match either Purple Gem III or Purple Gem V in the Dahlia World list, and probably Purple Gem III, the most recently introduced of the entries. However, the database Year introduced (1941), Country of Origin (UK), and Hybridizer (Barwise) entries refer to Purple Gem I in the Dahlia World list. Likewise, the ADS classification code is appropriate to the pompon version (Purple Gem I), not a semi-cactus or incurved cactus form. I hope someone on the administrative side sees this comment and cleans up the data for this entry.
  • Flower form for Bloomquist Tamara. Dahlia World gives the form as fimbriated. [Bloomquist Tamara M.Fim. R. 2009 bloomquist USA ads12]

    My limited photo evidence of the blooms suggests that the petal tips are not significantly split or serrated, but the petals are very narrow, curled or twisted, and revolute through most, if not all, of their length. To my inexpert eye, the blooms appear more like a cactus type than anything else. I offer this observation with the caveat that dahlia blooms do not always behave true to their cultivar standards, either in form or color. The blooms I've seen might be anomalous.
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