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Talking about Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Early and Often'), DogsNDaylilies wrote:

An early season bloomer every year. It reblooms for me here, but I can't say that I get particularly excited about this plant. I'm not a big fan of pastels, but I do use it for hybridizing because I like it's reblooming characteristic and it is very hardy and multiplies decently well. It sets pods readily, but I don't use its pollen often, so I can't comment much on it's pollen fertility. A keeper in my garden, but it isn't one of my favorites.

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Talking about Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Dominic'), DogsNDaylilies wrote:

This daylily has such a great deep, dark red color that is absolutely gorgeous, and the velvety look/texture is wonderful, too. It makes a really pretty plant, the foliage looks really attractive when it multiplies into a clump. On the less than positive side, it does seem to be highly susceptible to aphids, I had them crawling all over it one year, but it hasn't affected the plants performance in the least.

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Talking about Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Decatur Treasure Chest'), DogsNDaylilies wrote:

This bloom doesn't have the greatest color, in my opinion, but it has a nice-size bloom and it multiplies well in my garden. It doesn't produce a lot of blooms, though, nor does it seem to have great branching, so I feel like it's hybridizing potential is limited. If I ever had to get rid of some of my daylilies, this would probably be among the first several I would let go. Maybe I will think better of it this year after putting it in a different place in my garden...

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Talking about Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Creature of the Night'), DogsNDaylilies wrote:

The first year I had this, it didn't bloom much, but I don't blame the plant too much, being that it was new. I had heard that this plant has weak scapes and, sadly, that is very true. The scapes on COTN are lousy, and may need supporting. For daylilies (or any plant, really), I consider this a huge fault.

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Talking about Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Crazy Miss Daisy'), DogsNDaylilies wrote:

Although this is an evergreen, it is pretty hardy up north and mine has survived a great deal. After the first year, I was really worried I had lost it, the crown seemed squishy and it looked pretty bad, but it bounced back readily and it's doing great now, even after a move and after spending a long, harsh winter in pots.

For hybridizing, it will set pods, but hasn't been crazy about doing so. I imagine it might have something to do with it's's listed as a triploid and I wonder if that makes it more finicky. I found that it set a pod every time I pollinated it with Absolute Ripper, but didn't like anything else that first year. It's pollen is good, but can be finicky as well.

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