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  • I grew Pumpkin Kid for one year, fall of 2021 to fall of 2022. During that time, it was a fast increaser, and it bloomed prolifically in its only season here. The blooms were lovely and showy, just like the pictures here. The downside is that the scapes were short, and the blooms were low in the foliage. However, in spite of that, I would have kept the plant if it hadn't shown itself to be very rust-prone here.
  • Why are the pictures of Peggy Jeffcoat daylilies so varying in color? The description states yellow self, but the pale pinkish ones look more like the one that I bought from a reputable local daylily farm and the picture on the AHS Daylily Cultivator info page for this plant.
  • I do have the 'imposter' variant daylily which is the bicolor spider form, and can attest to having purchased it in 2018... sold to me under the name 'Chloe' ... by Oakes Daylilies. However, while it is 'not' the registered daylily, this is still a very lovely bloom.

    The unregistered 'Chloe' is tall, above 36 inches, the bloom is as large as my hand (or slightly larger), and it's growing very well in zone 3, therefore I would recommend this for a cold-climate garden. I will also note, along with its quirky spider form, it also has produced a number of poly blooms each summer.
  • I have been growing Cherokee Pass in zone 3 for a number of years, it does very well in northern cold-climate gardening. Blooming from mid to late season, it keeps the colour in the gardens going after many other daylilies have finished blooming.

    It multiplies well and will produce a large clump and many scapes, with so many flowers from day to day it creates a running bouquet of cinnamon-eyed gold flowers. Cherokee Pass also produces poly blooms off and on, most years. For bright, late colour and a hardy, care-free daylily, I would recommend this for any cold-climate garden.
  • I've had Bridget in the gardens for a number of years (zone 3) and can attest to its cold-hardiness, as it comes back each year with a flourish. The blooms here are a bit smaller than newer intros (stats say 3-inch, but I think they are slightly larger here, closer to 4 inches).

    But what I find endlessly delightful about this daylily is that, far more often than not, the bloom looks like black velvet on red ... This is not just a deeper red eye, this is full-on black velvet tones laid over the deep ruby tones below. It's so dark a velvet black on some blossoms that the orange pollen contrasts vividly against it, as though dotted with flecks of gold.

    This daylily reminds me of smokey, dark rooms with someone playing blues music in the background somewhere... the colours stand up even to the hot, bright afternoon sun. Like vintage wine, it has held its own against time.
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