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  • Most people know that Lava Flow is an early bloomer, one of the very earliest in my garden. But, for me it bloomed throughout the season and bloomed so far this year until the last day of September.
    It's been a good multiplier also in my garden. The first bloom scapes this year were very short due to a late cold snap, but some of the rebloom scapes were almost chest high.
    The blooms are prettier and brighter in the early season, but they are also some of the prettiest in the late season simply because not much else with vivid colors is blooming at that time.
  • Per the Benz 2004 catalog listing;
    Dreaming of Rainbows
    (Benz) tet 35" M. Dor. (tet. Exotic Echo x Angel's Smile) x tet. Priscilla's Rainbow
    A beautiful 6" bloom done in pastel watercolor shades of soft rose-pink and lavender. A narrow band of violet, tinged blue, encircles a large pale green to white throat, and fancy ruffles and a fine gold filigree further enhance blooms. These 6" blooms have petals 3½" across, and are perfectly flat day in and day out, regardless of weather. Plants are large, strong and extremely vigorous, and scapes are beautifully branched, with 3-4 widespread branches and a terminal cluster, and a grand total of 35-40 buds. Unlike the majority of the tet. Priscilla's Rainbow offspring, including many of its sibs, Dreaming of Rainbows has never had a cracked scape here. Seems to have taken all the good traits from its parents and none of the bad. We came close to introducing the pod-parent (ExE-AS-1), but when bloomed it so far surpassed its parent in every respect, including double the rate of increase. The eye in this is not blue, but Dreaming of Rainbows is destined to be an important foil for all the intense blue-eyed cultivars appearing on the scene, due to the size of bloom, the large dormant plant, and of course the genetics are all right in place.
  • Running Late began blooming in mid-July and still has an occasional bloom in my zone 6b garden in southern Indiana. It still has a couple of buds to go. It is a large 7.5-inch flower with stippling and a rose blush of color on the yellow petals and sepals. The light coloring of the blooms may not be the flashiest, but it is very welcome in the late garden. The scapes hold up the blooms very nicely, but mine have not reached the registered 49" height yet.

    It also has a wonderful fragrance, although I didn't notice it until I bent over to smell the bloom. However, I am hopeful that once it reaches clump size that the fragrance will be more easily detected.
  • Reblooming here in 6B.
  • Doesn't even look like a daylily
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