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~ Welcome to the Florida Gardening Forum!

See our list of Florida Arboretums and Botanical Gardens

The climate here in the Sunshine State is very diverse but we are very fortunate to be able to garden almost year-round, so please join in the discussions, ask questions and share your tips, photos and gardening experiences!

Climate wise, the northern and central parts of the state are considered sub-tropical, while the southern part of the state is more of a tropical zone.

In North Florida, we experience noticeable seasonal changes; mild spring temperatures, hot humid summers, cool fall temperatures (with colorful foliage) and frosts and freezes during the winter. Like most of the state, the northern area has sandy soil and in the Panhandle, you find not only sandy soil but also a fair amount of clay-based soil as well.

In Central Florida, we experience mild spring temperatures, hot, humid summers, mild fall temperatures and winter frosts, with an occasional freeze. The Central Florida area tends to have very sandy soil.

In South Florida, we experience a more tropical climate that includes warm spring weather, hot, humid summers and mild, frost-free winters. The soil in the southern part of the state can consist of sand and limestone as well as marl and muck, which can make gardening somewhat of a challenge.

No matter the part of the state you garden, adding organic matter to your planting area will help increase the nutritional content of the soil and stabilize soil PH, resulting in happy, healthy plants and successful gardening."

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