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Talking about Fuchsia 'Ambassador', bonitin wrote:

This beauty has very large flowers, over 7cm. I have it growing in complete but bright shade after I noticed it doesn't like sun, which was not even the midday sun but early evening sun.

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Talking about Fuchsia 'Black Cherry', jacqueg wrote:

I keep my fuchsias outside in pots unless the forecast is for 35 or below. Here on Vashon Island, Black Cherry had a few buds or flowers all winter long!

I intended to post a photo, but my local doe did a number on it, so photo will have to wait.

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Talking about Fuchsia 'Campopple', Calif_Sue wrote:

Gall mite resistant.

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Talking about Lady's Eardrops (Fuchsia 'Oddfellow'), valleylynn wrote:

Chosen by the Independent Order of Oddfellows to carry their name.
At this time it does not appear to be available in the United States.

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Talking about Lady's Eardrops (Fuchsia 'Crosby Soroptimist'), valleylynn wrote:

Fuchsia 'Crosby Soroptimist' is noted for being an excellent candidate for showing, and its compact growth pattern makes it easy to train as a standard. It is also noted for being easy to propagate.

This plant does not tolerate drought, high humidity, and high summer heat. Mulch heavily for winter protection. Zone hardiness seems to vary. May be hardy to zone 8 if protected. Prune out any dead foliage when new growth appears in the spring.

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