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Talking about Coral Bells (Heuchera villosa 'Autumn Bride'), ILPARW wrote:

This is the most common cultivar of the Hairy Alumroot. It is sold by some native plant nurseries, as North Creek Nursery in southeast Pennsylvania, and by larger conventional garden centers with a diverse array of perennials. I only see it occasionally in gardens and landscapes, as most people don't know this nice plant. It likes part shade and moist, rich soil best, but tolerates dry soil and full shade. It can be divided every 3 to 4 years if needed. Flower clusters can be deadheaded to extend bloom.

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Talking about Hairy alumroot (Heuchera villosa), ILPARW wrote:

This is a low mounding semi-evergreen forb with handsome foliage. The leaves have 5 to 9 sharp lobes and are velvety with plant hair. In September-October it bears a flower stalk that has off-white spike-like clusters of tiny bell-like flowers. It thrives in moist rich woods in light full shade to part sun. It tolerates heat, drought, and rocky soil. Its native range is from New York down to north Georgia to Arkansas & Missouri. Hummingbirds and tiny pollinating insects seek nectar from the tiny flowers in the clusters. It is deer resistant and tolerant of juglone, the toxic chemical exuded from Black Walnut roots. This mother species is sold by some native plant nurseries as Blue Moon Native Plant Nursery in southern New Jersey. Otherwise, one can buy some cultivars of this species at conventional garden centers that offer a diverse choice of perennials. 'Autumn Bride' is the most commonly sold cultivar. Most of the gardening public does not know this nice plant, so I only see its cultivars occasionally, and I have only seen the straight species at Longwood Gardens in their native woods area.

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Talking about Coral Bells (Heuchera villosa 'Pinot Gris'), tabbycat wrote:

I started mine from seeds I got in a seed swap here in Jan. 2017. I planted them Feb.1, '17 and they've grown well and beautiful. They are a reddish burgundy and came true from seeds. Other colors like Stainless Steel & Marvelous Marbles did not come true from seed and are a muddy brown color.

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Talking about Coral Bells (Heuchera 'Brownies'), tabbycat wrote:

I started my plants from seeds I got in a seed swap here in Jan. 2017 labeled 'Brownies'. I planted them Feb. 1, '17 and they grew well. This spring I planted them in pots and the new leaves for 2018 were very brown on some while other plants are a bright chartreuse green. Both are pretty with the large 3" to 4" leaves. I don't understand why some plants are different colors, but it's ok as they are all healthy and nice. I will see if their flower color is the same.

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Talking about Coral Bells (Heuchera 'Stainless Steel'), tabbycat wrote:

I started plants from seeds I got in a seed swap here in Jan. 2017. I planted them Feb 1, '17 and they sprouted ok and grew. The first leaves were obviously not the silvery color. It's a year later and the new leaves of 2018 are still plain brownish, not silvery at all. They apparently don't come true from seeds. Maybe it will send out flowers this fall, which should be white, so we'll see.

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