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Talking about Hawaiian White Hibiscus (Hibiscus arnottianus), psa wrote:

H. arnottianus blooms heavily, and the flowers sometimes have a faint, pleasant scent. This hibiscus is tougher and faster growing than the fancy large-flowered hybrids, but slower than some of the other species. Remarkably tolerant of temperatures down to freezing for short periods. Well-suited to growing in a container, but I would recommend 5 gallons+.

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Talking about Red-Leaf Hibiscus (Hibiscus acetosella), GrowInFlorida wrote:

if you have an iguana problem, do not plant this hibiscus in the iguana-prone areas. They love this plant and will eat it to the bone (same as moringa). This is a very tasty plant for them. You can try to wrap the stalk in foil - it might scare them, iguanas don't like shiny reflective surfaces - but having foil hanging out in your yard can look unsightly. Mine was grown hydroponically and was pretty happy about it, so a water feature is also a good idea for this hibiscus. It's now grown in a group of alocasias and colocasias in soil with wet feet and is enjoying it immensely. Wilts if there is too much sun, so better put it in partial shade away from iguanas.

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Talking about Confederate Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis), Bluespiral wrote:

Have followed Bubbles over to this page, and if it's okay I'd like to add a "flowers-in-art" portrayal of this species. When I first saw this, I thought the artist must have used digital techniques, but it seems he actually used the ancient method and materials of Chinese black and colored inks on paper via brush-stroke technique -

Zou Chouan'an, b1941 native of Xinhua county, Hunan province, Hibiscus mutabilis ?2005

-- Hibiscus mutabilis is included among other flowers on the above webpage.

video part 1 of 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

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Talking about Fairy Hibiscus (Hibiscus poeppigii), Horntoad wrote:

Hibiscus poeppigii is known as Fairy Hibiscus because it can bloom when the plant is as small as six inches. It is possible to grow it from seed to bloom in as little as four months.

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Talking about Hibiscus (Hibiscus paramutabilis 'Terri's Pink'), Horntoad wrote:

Introduced by Heidi Sheesley of Treesearch Farms of Houston, Texas.

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