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Talking about Species Iris (Iris cristata), ILPARW wrote:

Crested Iris is native to the southeastern and south central USA. it makes a groundcover that spreads by rhizomes. The most ideal site is to be in partial shade with some direct sunlight a few hours in the morning or later afternoon, and on a slope as it likes well-drained but still moist soil. Highly fertile soils promote excessive vegetative growth and the clumps tend to open up and not be as good a cover. My biggest customer has a group growing in full sunlight in moist soil in a flat area and they are alright but not wonderful, and the Barrenwort groundcover nearby keeps invading and overcoming them. It is a really nice short perennial for some small areas. I would not go crazy to plant lots of this in a garden-landscaping. It is easily propagated by division in early fall. Seed should be sown as soon as possible after being collected. It is possible for slugs to be a problem.

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Talking about Miniature Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'I Feel Enchanting'), admin wrote:

Parentage: V183A: (Grace and Charm x P92B: (Lady of the Night x Paul Black)) X W158A: (T177B: (Q103B: (N226A: (Royal Ovation x J234A: (B194C, Dolce pollen parent, x H168B: (Autumn Blush x D139C, Gold Pendant pod parent sib))) x O208A: (L171A: (Northern Jewel x Dolce) x unknown)) x Wink and a Smile) x unknown)

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Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Jaunty Gilbreath'), admin wrote:

Parentage: 13-53: (11-695: (03-974J: (05-587: (Florence Hill x 03-981: (Jaw Dropper x Stand in Awe)) x 05-310, Inchoation pollen pareny) x 09-435: (07-38, Ferget Duh Mustard pollen parent, x 07-62, Sundown Clown pollen parent)) x 11-835: (Treasure Trader x Swearin Ima Blarin)) X 13-882: (Sights Unlimited x Loosen Up)

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Talking about Siberian Iris (Iris 'Rainbow Mixer'), admin wrote:

Parentage: S08-47-12: (S04-28B-10: (Bonnie Kate x Lemon Veil) x S05-14-1: (Tall Dark and Handsome x Trip to Paris)) X S10-47- 1: (S08-37-1: (S04-19B-12: (S00-16B-2: (Raindrop Melody x So Van Gogh) x S01-10-12: (S97-20-1, So Van Gogh sib, x So Van Gogh)) x S05-38-1: (S01-81-1: (Sunfisher x Lady's Chain) x S00-68-8: (S97-73-12, Waterfall Waltz sib, x S95-30-1, Cape Cod Boys pollen parent))) x S08-16-2, Carnivalito sib)

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Talking about Intermediate Bearded Iris (Iris 'Rohan Z Rohova'), admin wrote:

Parentage: DM01.02: (BLHo: (Ballet Lesson x Hoodlum) x unknown) X AM-10/4288-13: (AM-08/3268-1: (AM-00/0579: (Mannekin Pis x Honey Scoop) x (Mascara x Tassal of Horns)) x AM-05/2052-3: (AM-99/0417-1: (AM-96/0185: (Conjuration x Honky Tonk Blues) x AM-95/0085: (Honky Tonk Blues x Rustler)) x AM-99/0415-1: (Conjuration x Light Show)))

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