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Talking about Species Iris (Iris pseudacorus), Bonehead wrote:

This is a Class C noxious invasive in the Pacific Northwest. Control is recommended but not required. It may sicken livestock although it is generally avoided by herbivores. It clogs small streams and irrigation systems, displaces native vegetation along streambanks, and reduces habitat for waterfowl and fish. It spreads quickly into large clumps in shallow water. It can be pulled by hand or machine, although some folks react to the resins in the leaves and rhizomes. It is extremely difficult to get all the roots and I have had poor luck trying to clear this thug from my pond (we've dug them up using a backhoe). I have also read that one can persistently cut all leaves and stems below the waterline, but have not tried that method. On the plus side, it is a pretty plant with showy yellow flowers. It is native to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Asia Minor.

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Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Boundless'), AndreaD wrote:

Very strong grower. Rebloomed for me last November and kept blooming til mid-January. Flowers had heavy substance that stood up to rain and close to freezing temperatures. Subtle colors.

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Talking about Arilbred Iris (Iris 'Hot Ice'), KentPfeiffer wrote:

Parentage: (((((K55-9A x (I. atropurpurea x K53-44DF)) x 633A, yellow TB) x (62-OB-1D x ((Chenik Aga x I. lortetii) x RR64-23A))) x ((63-C-16: (((I. helenae x (I. auraniticax Charon)) x 53-44LF) x Kerr 55-9A) x sib) x (Persian Bronze x (K55-1 x K55-14)))) x (((R66-38J: (inv. K55-9A, I. lortetii, I. auranitica, W83-O, I. barnumae) x Campus Flirt) x (R65-17E: (K56-4 x (I. susiana x OY-640)) x Snoqualmie)) x (((Kelita Adah x V.G.A. AM) x (Welcome Reward x (I. susiana x I. samariae))) x sib))) X R77-96: ((KOM 265 x I. lortetii) x Esther Fay)

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Talking about Arilbred Iris (Iris 'So Long'), KentPfeiffer wrote:

Parentage: R77-112U: (R71-117G: ((K55-33-0 x ((I. korolkowii concolor x Judean Charmer) x (I. atrofusca x I. nazarena))) x Clark 67-C6-A: (63-C22 x ((Hel-W118 x K5344 LF) x 640-OY))) x White Lightning) X R80-118F: (Sand Etching x (((CR64-12C: (inv. Iman Onco, I. lortetii, I. auranitica, MX7-0) x (Judean Charmer x Judean Cream)) x Garden Gold) x ((K55-9A x ((I. lortetii x I. auranitica) x (W83-0 x I. barnumae))) x Mishawaka)))

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Talking about Border Bearded Iris (Iris 'Pampered Baby'), KentPfeiffer wrote:

Parentage: Pink Bubbles X Abb5013smpk: (Audacious x (((Flaming Light x (2022b: ((A66: (Norah x Thisbe) x Glittering Amber) x Glittering Amber Sdlg.) x Picture Perfect)) x Fresno Calypso) x ((Louise Hopper x ((New Idea x 2271b) x 2271a: ((Seventh Heaven Sdlg x (Frenchi x Pagoda)) x 1242f: (666d x 666b)))) x (((New Idea x 1242) x 2022b) x ((A666 x (Frenchi x Pagoda)) x 1242f)))))

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