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Talking about Pacific Coast Iris (Iris 'Premonition of Spring'), Polymerous wrote:

I first got this iris as a bareroot plant in November of 2017. I potted it up into a 1 gallon pot and kept it moist into spring of 2018.

In spring of 2018 (amazed that it was still alive, in part because it was getting too warm and sunny on the patio where it had been growing), I put the potted iris underneath a deciduous oak (where I already had a couple of in-ground PCIs growing). It stayed in that pot all summer and fall, with only whatever stray irrigation it might have gotten from the 2x/week sprinklers, plus a rare hit of water from a watering can. (It got some late afternoon sun in that location.)

I went out there today to look at that area (my garden helper had dug a hole there that he wasn't supposed to), and was stunned to find the plant in bloom. A PCI blooming in December?!! And it's still in its one gallon pot (which supposedly is a no-no - no PCIs in pots more than a year).

Color-wise (not to mention a nearby I. confusa), that spot is not an ideal location for this iris. But otherwise yes (another rule broken - no afternoon sun).

What an iris - it is certainly a keeper (if it survives my putting it into the ground somewhere).

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Talking about Intermediate Bearded Iris (Iris 'Devil May Care'), Deebie wrote:

I love the contrasting orange beard on this beautiful dark purple iris. It grows and multiplies well in my zone 8a SC garden.

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Talking about Intermediate Bearded Iris (Iris 'Devil May Care'), Australis wrote:

Whilst this cultivar appears near-black in photos, in person I find it to be a very dark purple and much nicer than the photos suggest.

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Talking about Species Iris (Iris verna var. smalliana 'Brumback Blue'), AntMan01 wrote:

According to the introducer of this selection, Jan Sacks and Marty Schafer, they regard this cultivar as Iris verna var. smalliana, due to the wider leaves than the type species, and the shorter distance between offshoots. I have reconfirmed with Jan & Marty that they consider this Iris verna ssp. smalliana 'Brumback Blue', named for horticulturalist and former director of the New England Wildflower Society Bill Brumback. I recommend changing the record accordingly. Thank you.

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Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Stairway to Heaven'), bron wrote:

Another one for the sub tropics!!! I am amazed as I only recently planted this out from a small pot where I had put it on receiving a small fan only 4 months ago. Not fully open yet but I accidentally broke the tall bloom spike while watering it in, so this is my FFE.

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