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Talking about Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (Iris 'Oh Canada'), lilpod13 wrote:

Interesting phenomena with my Oh Canada. The first bloom of the season the past two years has got stuck and failed to open. Tom said that when the flowers are frozen, that can prevent opening, but our temperature has been above freezing. However, there has been a lot of moisture, rain, that could be causing some issue with the petals failing to separate. I'm asking if anyone else in our community has seen this since I haven't had any issue with any other dwarf iris sticking and ultimately not opening?

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Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Vibrations'), tabbycat wrote:

I made a new bed just for tall bearded Irises the Summer of 2016. I had to add sand to improve the drainage & ph but was ready to add plants by 2017. Ann M. in OK grows some beauties & she shared 6 varieties including 'Vibrations' with me in July 2017. They didn't bloom 2018 but put on some more fans so seem happy. I'll be watching for buds & blooms in 2019.

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Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Orange Slices'), tabbycat wrote:

An experienced gardener of 'Tall Bearded Iris' in Oklahoma, Ann, traded this as 1 of 6 varieties she sent for my new Iris bed 7-19-17. I love the name & orange is a stand out color in any bed. It had to get settled in so made no flowers in 2018 but has multiplied to several fans so I'm expecting blooms this Spring. I can hardly wait!

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Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Wine and Roses'), tabbycat wrote:

I received a rhizome 11-18-16 in a trade from Cindy in MI as part of a new bed I was making for Irises. I worked on getting the soil just right with a little sand for the best drainage & ph since it was my 1st try at Tall Bearded Irises here in zone 9. I understood they can take a year or 2 to get established in new surroundings. Late Spring 2018 I found a bud & after a week found a full blooming flower. That was it, so I'm hopeful for more this year 2019. The plant has grown a little with several new fans.

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Talking about Species Iris (Iris domestica), tabbycat wrote:

We have lots of birds visit our row of 15 ft. lorepetalums so I'm always finding new plants under them from the bird droppings. I found this plant in Fall 2017 & recognized it as 'Blackberry Lily' but the color was to be a surprise. I've found yellow ones & orange ones but this two-tone peach is a delightful change. The plant got 30 inches tall with about 10 flowers in 2018.

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