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Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Wishes Granted'), lilpod13 wrote:

This was a bonus from Keith, and I admit I hadn't really taken much notice of this hybrid before I received it. That said, the blooms on this cultivar are very sturdy and have a sheen that make them appear almost as if they were artificial. I'm guessing this hybrid isn't as appreciated as it should be considering the low number of folks who grow it in their garden. I want to state emphatically that this should be considered by everyone because of its fabulous blooms and magnificent beards (can't forget to mention the beards!).

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Talking about Miniature Dwarf Bearded Iris (Iris 'Bitsy'), KentPfeiffer wrote:

Parentage: AMD4468: (3800: (((Shrinking Violet x Timmie Too) x ((Star Child x (Norah x Thisbe)) x sib)) x (unknown x ((Norah x Thisbe) x (Frenchi x Pagoda)))) x 3384: ((Atomic Blue x I. binata) x (Roberts 51-38 x Little Charmer))) X AMD3829: (Tiny Apricot x (((Prodigy x ((Red-Lilli x Pogo) x Regards)) x (Buttercup Charm x (Pink Amber x Pink Cushion))) x (Buttercup Charm x 2562)))

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Talking about Species Iris (Iris versicolor), ILPARW wrote:

This Northern Blueflag Iris is a wild species that grows in swamps, marshes, along pond and water edges from southern Labrador to southern Manitoba through Minnesota & Wisconsin & Illinois to Ohio to Virginia up to Massachusetts. It is the provincial flower of Quebec. This species usually grows about 2 to 2.5 feet high and has 3 to 5 flowers on each stalk blooming in late May to June, even early July in the far north. While it is found only in wet places in the wild, even growing in shallow water 2 to 4 inches deep, it does well in average, mesic garden soil. It can be grown like the cultivated irises. It also has thick rhizome roots from which it spreads slowly. It can be divided and reset after blooming. The word "flag" comes from Middle English meaning a "rush" or "sedge."

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Talking about Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (Iris 'Opal Wings'), KentPfeiffer wrote:

Parentage: SD4978: (Cupid's Cup x ((3393Pk: (2885Y: (Blonde Doll x 2562B: (Pink Amber x Pink Cushion)) x 2888: (2562A x Buttercup Charm)) x ((2563-O: (Pink Cushion x Roberts 65-R-28) x (Frosty Lemonade x Pink Cushion)) x Pet)) x ((3393 x Pet sib) x (((2563-O x (Pink Amber x Pink Cushion)) x 2885Pch) x 3393Pk)))) X 4988: ((Ceremony x Today's Fashion) x My Sheba)

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Talking about Species Iris (Iris pseudacorus), Bonehead wrote:

This is a Class C noxious invasive in the Pacific Northwest. Control is recommended but not required. It may sicken livestock although it is generally avoided by herbivores. It clogs small streams and irrigation systems, displaces native vegetation along streambanks, and reduces habitat for waterfowl and fish. It spreads quickly into large clumps in shallow water. It can be pulled by hand or machine, although some folks react to the resins in the leaves and rhizomes. It is extremely difficult to get all the roots and I have had poor luck trying to clear this thug from my pond (we've dug them up using a backhoe). I have also read that one can persistently cut all leaves and stems below the waterline, but have not tried that method. On the plus side, it is a pretty plant with showy yellow flowers. It is native to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Asia Minor.

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