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  • This will get 4ft tall or more, needs good drainage and takes 2-3 seasons to settle in after planting, may not put up foliage the first year of planting. Bloom time is very early, bloomed here in SW MO zone 6 the last week of May in 2022.
  • Although interesting, the blooms for this lily have mottled colors and are misshapen in my zone 7b North Georgia garden.
  • Talking about Lily (Lilium amabile), Lucius93 wrote:
    This is an easy-to-grow species, native to East Asia (NE China and Korea), which is still rare in cultivation. What I really like about this species is its very strong and uniform orange or yellow color with different amount of spotting. Unfortunately, its fragrance is very bad, but thankfully not spreading around too far from the flower.
  • Talking about Lily (Lilium bulbiferum), Lucius93 wrote:
    Nice species which is widespread throughout Europe. Cultivation is easy as long as drainage is perfect. The flower color is very variable. It prefers neutral or slightly alkaline soil. This species can be easily propagated with bulbils from upper leaf axils (although not all plants produce them).
  • Talking about Lily (Lilium leucanthum), Lucius93 wrote:
    A beautiful and fragrant white trumpet from China that has a yellowish-greenish throat and varying amounts of green or pink-purple to brown color on the reverse of the petals. This species has played a major role in producing today's trumpet hybrids. Vigorous and long lived, it will do great in any garden if drainage is perfect. Covering against excessive winter rain is a must. It will produce big bulbs over time. Easy to grow from seeds.
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