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Talking about Lily (Lilium 'Tribal Dance'), Lucius93 wrote:

Beautiful asiatic lily but color and flower fade quickly in full sun.

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Talking about Lily (Lilium 'Terry'), Lucius93 wrote:

This lily has a very unpleasant smell.

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Talking about Lily (Lilium candidum), Lucius93 wrote:

The purest white lily in the world with unique fragrance. It forms bulbs at ground level, and, unlike other lilies, grows a basal rosette of leaves during winter. A leafy floral stem (which generally grows 1.2 metres tall) emerges in late winter/early spring and bears up to 20 flowers. One of my favourite lilies.

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Talking about Lily (Lilium leucanthum var. centifolium Black Dragon Group), Lucius93 wrote:

Lilium 'Black Dragon' is a strain derived from lilium leucanthum var. centifolium. No hybridisation was involved.

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Talking about Lily (Lilium 'Grenadier [Kline]'), Australis wrote:

Not to be confused with the earlier hybrid Lily (Lilium 'Grenadier [Chandler]') (a short red-orange Asiatic).

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